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Who am I and how do I help people get better health and weight loss results?


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My name is Stephen Soerensen – a passionate Health Researcher who’s goal is to provide the info you need to make a useful decision for yourself and those you care for.

My objective is to optimize health and well-being by utilizing natures own remedies plus use common sense.
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Stay Healthy, My Friend!


What does ‘no Big Pharma here’ mean?
It means that only pure nature-based products will be highlighted on my website. I’m not against pharmaceuticals, but have chosen only to promote nature’s own remedies on this website.

Is it true that ‘You are what you eat’? 
No – not anymore. You are what you absorb and assimilate! Why is that?
Well, that’s a long story but simply put: The change of the quality of the food we eat and also what and how much we eat.
The combination of the change of these few factors have resulted in poor health including obesity for a lot of people, especially in developed countries where a lot of food is processed and methods of agriculture and animal husbandry is more a matter of profit than healthy choices.
If a person’s lifestyle and eating habits have resulted in a chronic imbalance in the gut flora, only a limited amount of the food will actually be absorbed and utilized. 

Unfortunately, some people have hormonal imbalances or other health issues that might cause this overweight condition or make it impossible to lose weight. If that’s the case for you, start with getting your blood-work done and work with your physician(s), try to eliminate as many issues as possible so that you don’t waste money and time on a lost cause.

Will changing just one thing work to improve health & weight loss?
Yes – a change for the better always works. Often changing of just one thing at a time is actually the best way to go. Why? Because proving to yourself that you are able to take the control and get a better quality of life will give you the motivation to continue and (hopefully) take the next baby-step in the right direction. It’s kinda like steering a boat – the boat goes a little to the left and to the right all the time, but it is still heading in the right direction and eventually you will reach your destination. Remember though, that you need to show adherence to your change – only then the change will work for you.
A change is only a change if you follow through – otherwise nothing has changed!

What is the most important change you can do for better health & weight loss?
Make your gut work better! That’s right – that’s how simple it is – but I didn’t say that is was easy. Think about it for a second – the body is like a machine and the gut is the engine. The human body is created like this: If you give it what it wants and needs, it automatically will give you the best results – period!  Why would you treat the engine in your car better than your very ‘body engine’? Get it?

Is there a takeaway here? There sure is. Let’s use a little math and combine it with some common sense and see where it takes us.

‘If you eat a certain amount of calories, then a certain amount of those calories will be absorbed and utilized. If the amount of absorbed and utilized calories equals the need for calories for the day, then your weight won’t change. Now, let’s say that you improve your gut’s digestion so that you absorb your food better. Result = You can now eat less calories but still get the same effect or energy from the lesser amount of food as you did from the greater amount of food. This means weight loss! Also, when you eat less calories per day, there will be less calories that can end up in the wrong places, right?’

Likewise, it makes sense that a better absorption of all the good nutrients in the food will maintain a higher level of health in everyday life and a feeling of greater well-being. Only actually absorbed vitamins and minerals etc. will benefit you. The rest goes right through you without benefit – but I’m sure you already know that.
NOTE:There can be many reasons why the gut isn’t working very well. Different digestive diseases and leaky gut are serious problems that really can make it difficult to improve your gut’s function. Talk with your physician before taking supplements that might have a negative effect on you.

How to make your gut work better changing only 1 thing.
Your gut needs help from you if you want to improve your health and maybe shed some pounds. Today’s modern diet very often contain only a small amount of healthy nutrients because of the way most produce is grown and cultivated, and because of the way of doing animal husbandry. In addition, the comprehensive use of pesticides and even GMO have really turned daily food shopping at the supermarket into a mine field. 

Luckily, there is one thing you can easily do to make your gut work better without changing anything else and that is adding enzymes to your meals. Not just whatever cheap enzymes, of course, but real quality enzymes that will help break down all you eat. Lack of natural enzymes in your food (especially in cooked food where the enzymes are killed by heat while cooking) is one of the biggest problems you can have if you want to improve your health and weight loss. Do yourself a favor and read what Wade Lightheart has to say about it – it will change your life –> Read It Here

You can also read me and my wife’s personal experience with adding enzymes to our meals right here –> Read Our Story Here

Immunocal – about remarkable cancer stories and other serious conditions like my own chronic diarrhea
Would you feel desperate if you have had chronic diarrhea for 2+ years and for a whole year tried all kinds of natural herbal supplements etc. to stop it, but nothing worked? That’s exactly what happened to me not so long ago. But then my wife and I heard about Immunocal and I decided to try it out, desperate as I was to get healed. After being on Immunocal for just 3 weeks my diarrhea was gone! I was as happy as I could be. Can you imagine what a relief it was? (Read about what other great benefits I got from taking Immunocal by clicking on the above tab ‘Immunocal – The Ultimate Choice For Vitality)

What convinced my wife and I that it was worth a try, was that we came in contact with other people who have had cancer and had got completely healed in a few months time. Also, we watched YouTube videos with testimonials of a lot of people who have had similar amazing experiences, some even with their pets.


If nothing else, read at least Thomas Wehle’s story from 2007 –> Read It Here Now

I was skeptic myself until I saw how it worked for me too. Since we are all unique, no two persons will have the exact same experience. However, those who take Immunocal regularly will have their body cells rejuvenated so these will work optimally. Body cells that are out of balance or sick can not survive in a body that has high levels of glutathione.

Just do your own research by watching the videos and read the info/click the tabs on the following website –> Click Here To Get More Info

‘Healthy Gut’ – do’s and don’ts
If you are taking Masszymes and Immunocal, you already have created the best foundation for improvement toward great health and well-being. However, common sense will without doubt tell you that your food choices are also an important factor toward good health.

  • Eat organic and grass-fed as much as you can afford incl. pastured eggs. Give non-organic fruit and vegetables a bath in a mix of water and apple-cider vinegar to remove possible remnants of pesticides etc.
  • Set aside one day a week to eat all the stuff you love whether it’s fast-food, pizzas, chocolate, ice-cream, candy and so on. Try to avoid or limit it the other days.
  • Avoid processed food. If you feel a craving for it anyway, see if you can get an organic version.
  • All milk that is not raw, is processed in some way. Choose whole milk that is only pasteurized, not homogenized or has had anything else done to it. Also, only choose plain organic fermented milk products like yogurt and kefir etc., as those with flavors often contain high levels of sugars. Add your own flavors, which could include e.g. fresh organic berries and raw honey.
  • Limit the intake of carbonized water, sugar-free or not – save it for the weekly cheat day.
  • You want the stomach acid to be working as optimally as possible, so avoid diluting it by drinking while you eat.
  • Don’t take supplements containing Vitamin C as Ascorbic Acid, only Vitamin C in its pure and whole form. Vitamin C as Ascorbic Acid is harmful to your good gut bacteria. Choose instead quality supplements like e.g. MegaFood’s.

Candida overgrowth makes you sick and keeps you sick
To illustrate what we mean in everyday conversation by saying that a person has ‘Candida’, think about what you know about ‘good’ and ‘bad’ cholesterol. Both types are actually good for you, but you just want to keep the numbers of the ‘bad’ type down at an acceptable level.
It’s the same with candida which is a natural fungus or form of yeast that lives in your gut together with all the good gut bacteria. The amount of candida can get out of control if it gets fed with too much of the wrong food. Also, if you have had an infection and have taken antibiotics to treat it, chances are almost 100% that your natural bacteria balance in the gut has been disturbed with a candida overgrowth as a result. S
ince ‘Candida’ has so many ‘faces’, it is not very likely that a doctor would ever diagnose you with ‘Candida’ without taking e.g. a blood-test. As ‘Candida’ is such a subtle but serious condition that almost everyone has, do yourself a favor by doing your own research (if you don’t want to pay your doctor). This website can be helpful. If there are one or more indications that you have candida overgrowth and want to do something about it yourself, a good help would be this 5 star Caprylic Acid product that has a lot of great reviews.

Your liver keeps you from losing stubborn fat

Really..? – now, what’s that about?

Well – it’s about that we all are living under circumstances that we have little or no control over. Or simply just like to enjoy life.

Let me ask you something: Do you do one or more of the following regularly –>

  • Drink alcohol
  • Use medications – even if it’s just e.g. Tylenol or the like
  • Having foods and beverages that contain high-fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, additives, hormones, preservatives, or artificial colors
  • Smoking

Of course you do. If not, I would consider you an outstanding individual.

Anyway, the fact is – no matter how clean we eat and live in general, we’re all still getting toxins in us every day from the air, water and soil (via food etc.). Even small daily amounts of alcohol have a toxic effect on your liver.

All this means that our liver is constantly ’working overtime’. And that’s the last thing you want to be the case. When it’s overworked, toxic residues can build up, causing inflammation that is associated with obesity. A stressed out liver can also cause fat to build up, especially around the belly. Added together, this can mean that no matter how much you restrict calories, weight loss is nearly impossible—unless you detox your liver.

Read the headline again.

Here’s the secret:  A healthy liver aids in digestion by producing bile to help break down fat!!!

Hellooo – isn’t that what we all want – break down stubborn fat around our waste line? But do we want to do crazy cleansing regiments that certain people tout about all the time? No. And we don’t need to.

Milk Thistle Seed Extract is the key. My wife and I have started taking a capsule every day, and after having done that for 1 – 2 weeks, I said to my wife: “I really have started to feel a great daily calmness inside my body that I didn’t quite have before. It feels like all the organs are somehow more relaxed.” However, no matter if you feel a change or not, the Milk Thistle Seed Extract WILL do its job. But don’t just take my word for it – follow the links here or click on the banner to the right and read the reviews. When you’re there, scroll down to the product description to read more about it or ‘google’ it if you want to get more info.

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